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What Is The Magic?

The Money Multiplier Method is centered around a simple process, one that puts you in control of your money so you can become your own banker. But first, you must understand the process.

First step:

The next 90 minutes could change your life… Forever.

Money is made out to be complicated and fleeting. But, in truth, it is simple and abundant, as long as you know the truth and use it to your advantage, like the wealthy do.

If you want to break the bonds of financial slavery like so many of our members have done, start by grabbing your favorite beverage and listening in as Brent uncovers these secrets of the wealthy in his mind-blowing 90-minute financial presentation. (Or choose to watch it in 10 bite-size videos.)

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Will Rogers - the problem in America isn't so much what people don't know


Schedule your complimentary consultation with a Money Mentor

What's next?

Schedule your complimentary consultation with a Money Mentor
Immediately after you’ve watched Brent’s life-changing presentation, please check your email.
We’ll send you an invitation to schedule a confidential, complimentary call with a Money Mentor on Brent’s team. (If you don’t see the email in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.)
Your Money Mentor will answer your questions, help you connect the dots, and get you on the road to taking back control of your money from big banks so you can become your own banker.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the family!

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