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Alyssa Mills

Implementation Team Alyssa Mills Alyssa Mills lives in Greenville, SC along with her husband and 3 dogs. She was a collegiate basketball athlete who graduated with honors gaining a bachelors degree in Organizational Communications. She enjoys writing...

Ethan Evans

Implementation Team Ethan Evans Ethan Evans lives in Michigan with his wife Abby and their 5 young children. They enjoy camping, kayaking, and serving in their church together. He holds bachelors degrees in Biology and Sacred Music from Bethel...

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Jerome Marquadt

Implementation Team Jerome Marquadt Jerome has had a successful career in the insurance and financial service industry for 15 years. He has served in leadership positions with three well established Financial Advisory firms as well as succeeding...

Wesley Slaght

Implementation Team Wesley Slaght Wesley Slaght lives in Central New York with his girlfriend Kim and two step sons. They enjoy spending time together with their pets and attending sporting events. Wesley has a bachelors degree in Business Economics...

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